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The Daily Flavor is not just a fishing site, it is a lifestyle. The Flavor showcases the sport and culture of Texas flats fishing. From hooking a huge trout in Port Mansfield, to hanging with the guys at the Waterloo shop, Flinn keeps you up to date on all the goods in Texas flats fishing. We have it all: current fishing reports, live video streams, real time weather reporting and photo and video galleries of Flinn and the boys in action. Be sure to check out the action here before heading to the water!


My name is Flinn Simmons III, born in Houston Tx Been a fisherman, surfer, snowboarder since forever. I go full bore at whatever I do and I have a conservationist approach to the great outdoors. Doing what I can to preserve the resources that have been given to me. Clean living and enjoying each day to the fullest. Life is just like fishing, some days are good and some days are not. Its how each one of us deals with each situation set before us and how we go about finding a positive solution. As we all do, I have gone through some real life adversity and I am stoked to be where I am. My family is solid and I am extremely grateful for each opportunity that I have been afforded. By the grace of god.

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Tommy Caught a nice 30" trout. The guy next to us was begging us to let him keep it. Actually he offered $100. Very nice catch Tommy!